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pronunciation mistakes

i want to ask specially the non chinese learning chinese what r the pronuonciation mistakes they commit during learning cause i'm making a research about that point ,thank you

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Base language: English
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    research eh? well mandarin or rather chinese is a very tonal language. the guide lines for pronunciation is based on 5 tones; 1st tone (high) 2nd tone (rising) 3rd tone (falling + rising) 4th tone (rising) and the 5th tone (neutral). mastering the tones individually is the first step, however that is not enough. the tones are a guideline for how characters sound individually on their own, however in a sentence the tones may change slightly. this is something they don't teach you in class, and its hard to teach without being in an environment which you can pick up these tiny nuances. for example the third tone, may sound more like just a low tone. and the neutral tone comes into play a lot. good luck on your research, there is too much to say. regional difference come into play as well. however if you were to base everything on the concept of standard mandarin it would make it easier.

    My own opinion and short answer.
    I think it depends which countries' pp to learn Chinese.
    For example: if Japanese want to learn Chinese. it's hard for them to pronounce "er" sound.
    Coz they don't have the kind of sound in their language system.
    But write Chinese characters maybe easier for them than other countries.
    On the other hand, maybe Spanish will be easier to pronounce the "er" sound.
    But it'll hard for them to learn writing.
    At the last. I think the "accent" is also a problem for foreigners in pronunciation.
    Hope it's helpful to you.
    Best Rgds.

    I think r sound is same as r sound in English. So if someone can pronounce r in English, it is easy part for them. I saw many er sound's chinese such as 儿, 二, 耳, 而, but it is OK to me.

    I'm not chinese, but I'm also not learning chinese.
    Pronouniation misstakes would probably do everyone. Also in every language.
    The only way to help yourself, ist finding a teacher or Tandem partner via Skype etc. As many you have, the better it would be for you. And these people know about your problem and are not so strict with you, when doing mistakes.

    An other possibility could be this link. But this one can help also a lot of other people. Text to speech.
    With copy and paste, yo put text in the box. Then you choose the appropirate language and then push "say it".

    An other way to learn faster, is to think in that language, when making sentences. You can do this all the time, 24H per day.

    For much more informations, you can check the internet. I found:
    79.000 für pronunciation mistakes +in chinese
    374.000 für pronunciation mistakes +chinese
    350.000 für pronunciation mistakes +with chinese.
    I hope you can find here, some more helpful informations.
    Good bye and goog luck.

    i don't know..because i'm not lerning chinese


    sounding the 'r'. 'l' and q..

    i am chinese,so it's very easy for me to pronounce it.
    but also i find difficulty in distinguish the sound "niu" & "liu".

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