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where is your favourite place in Istanbul?

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    My favorite place is "Camlica Tepesi". I used to go on a private boarding School in Üsküdar. Almost every night we sneaked through the Gatekeeper and admired the beauty of the City over the highest place around...

    Here you see a look at the "Bogazici" Bridge over "Camlica" hill: (winter time)

    These little Guys sell delicious waffles there^^:

    Here we drunk our Tee under the Trees:

    I call it: Heaven on Earth!
    Those were times...

    I have so many favourite places in Istanbul :) how can I choose?
    Istiklal street, Taksim and Sultanahmet bring back good memories of my visits to Istanbul.

    The hill of Pierre Loti,Kanlica,Sultan Ahmet,Eyup Sultan,Eminonu....who can choose only one place from Istanbul?I can't...even its traffic.

    oww...i wasn't in Istanbul anymore...but i want to see this Place :)

    I have too :) so many favourite places in Istanbul :) Blue Mosque , Topkapi Palace Galata bridge, a cafe's pleasant atmosphere my love, the buildings, the bustle, after all calmness, pleasant walks... the park...
    and I received a true love.....:):):) oh...:) :(:)))))))))))

    i have many favourite places too but

    I become aware of living in istanbul when i am walking around of Sultan Ahmet Square


    Most famous place in İstanbul are Ayasofya Mosque and Sultan Ahmet,Dolmabahce House, Taksim, Kadıkoy.

    Fenerbahce Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium in Kadiköy

    My favourite places is Ali Sami Yen Stadium and Galatasaray High school and historical places

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