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am I correct in saying: Son amigos tuyos?

If I am referring to a group of my child's friends that includes both boys and girls and I wish to say, "They are friends of yours.", am I correct in saying: Son amigos tuyos.

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    ¡Está perefecto!
    Absolutly right!
    Rule: When sex are mixed; adjetive, noun and so on, all in masculin plural
    When all of they are females, all in feminin, of course.
    It would look terrible to say : ¿Son amigos y amigas tuyos, tuyas?

    Shure... you want to say: "Are they friends of you?"

    So the answer is: Son (are they) amigos (friends) tuyos (of you)?

    I do not know the idea you want to express but that was correct.


    Sagu let me tell you it´s "Friends of yours".
    Concernig your answer, yes it is ok to say that. Confidence is imperative in speaking a new language, so trust yourself i beg you do speak very well, don´t be afraid of making mistakes, that´s the only way to learn.

    Mucha Suerte


    Hola ;
    They are friends of yours ;
    they = ellos .
    are (The Verb To Be ) = ser. Conjugación : ( Yo soy. Tu eres. él,ella usted es.Nosotros somos.Vosotros sois.Ellos,ellas, ustedes son.
    friends = Amigos .
    OF = de.
    yours = tuyos (masculino),tuyas (femenino).
    They are friends of yours = Ellos son amigos tuyos.
    la pregunta es ; ¿ Son amigos tuyos ?

    "Son amigos tuyos" o también "son tus amigos".

    As Andrés said masculine for mixed groups and feminine for female groups...

    The only thing I wonder is "Is that technically right when there is a group formed by 49 women and 1 man?"

    Tambíén: "Son tus amigos".

    Hombre Paco, sí...Pero Jorge Miguel habla de "justicia de genero", no de corrección gramatical.
    Es un juego, pero que toca aspectos sensibles. Yo, por ejemplo, voy a una clase de spinning donde soy el único hombre. El instructor me ignora y dice "¡ más rapido chicas!". Yo comprendo y no me doy por aludido.
    not they are not my friends
    if you want I teach you Spanish
    I give you my mail

    Por estas, Andrés, que yo contesté antes que のび太 y Jorge Miguel. El programa me ha jugado una mala pasada. Lo que yo digo no lo hubiera escrito porque ya lo habría dicho のび太. En el sentido que tú le das hubiera colocado el también detrás. Pero la postura de en "genero 2" es bastante clara. Yo no sé si la comparto. Siempre he estado más del lado de las mujeres que de la RAE, me dan muchas más satisfaciones. A seguir bien. Todos amigos.


    *Son amigos tuyos? means: Are they friends of yours? *Ellos son tus amigos? means: Are those your friends? and last but not least *Son tus amigos? means: Are they your friends? See the difference? But it doesn't really matter how you say it but who you're saying it to...

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