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In your opinion, what is the main different between men and women? 男女大不同?告诉我你的看法。

Men and Women are different.
What is the main different between men and women?
concept? perception? thinking?...etc...
Tell me what is your view on this issue.(except physically difference)
Thank you.


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    I believe it's expectations.
    From the moment your born, your parents have different expectations for you if you are a boy than a girl, or vice-versa. This causes them to dress you different, treat you different, involve you in different activities. At that age a person is just begining to shape there likes/dislikes, thoughts, and building a personality, which will inevitably influence their activities and interests as they age. This makes for very different people.

    I think that there are distinctions in very many things. We are as two different kinds of animals, we are simple from two different planets...

    And it makes dialogue between us such interesting:)
    Sexual organs.
    (And the chemicals they generate)

    in general, the thinking pattern.
    they hold different values. attach inportance in different things.

    I know this wasn't exactly the intent of the question, but I have to agree with 羅健瑞. Humans are mammals, and the main difference between men and women comes down to biology (physiological, endocrine system, etc) and its consequences. Of course, the human brain is complex, and these obvious biological differences alone cannot explain every behavioral contrast ... but the question was the MAIN difference.

    I think that womans are more sensitive and careful. Today woman have good post in some job because of your competence.
    The mans have fast reasoning to do something, but don't have the same care. Sometimes very rude because want to show your own way to resolve something else.

    In some countries the womans can show your point view and have your recognition and others have repression.
    I think that there is not difference inbetween women and men.
    Women and men are equal right people. okie?
    most difference is in physical appearence.

    organization and ambitions

    main different between men and women? well..
    women can pregnant n men cant ^^
    most of men are mind thinker and women are heart thinker...
    women when they speak can continue from one conversation to another conversation even the another one isnt finish yet and even from 1 to another no have any relation but for women it have...but men,they would finish just one,just focus in one conversation...
    that's why when a man n woman have a conversation,woman talking so much and she can talking from another conversation to another one.n man sometimes confusing what is the ralation about 1 to another? why first she talking about she's mom and then about shopping n then about homework...wowowowo...for men that's ridiculus ^^

    for another things..we are same..equal...
    live in the same world...
    have a same chance...
    have a same right...

    just in my opinion..
    everyone have their own opinion huh?
    peace (^_^)v

    no big difference
    men usually is the slave
    women is the big boss

    the women can give milk ???????? the man cannot can milk that is the different

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