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I'm planning on taking Mandarin at my school next semester and was curious to those who have done it or any language as to what your experience was like. I know most of it has to do with how good the teacher is, but I would like to hear your stories :) (tell me what was hard/easy, etc. so I can better prepare myself!)

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    dear friend
    as an e major i have some experience to share with u ,which might be helpful for ur coming class.
    firstly ,u should show great interest in learning it ,just as a saying goes : interest is the best teacher .if u love what u do , u will never work a day .u should have strong desire for improving ,imagine that one day u can speak chinese as good as a native ,what is a wonderful feeling ,is not it ? with this movation ,chinese will be easier and easier.
    secondly,seize every chance u get to speak ,both to ur teacher and partner,as language itself is a tool for people to commnicate ,speakjing is everything
    last but not least, put urself into a chinese world ,i mean in ur spare time ,u can listen chinese songs ,watch chinese movies ,enjoy chinese advertisement,or chat with some natives ,which indeed can help u to improve ur understanding of chinese and ur way of thinking unconsciously
    falling in love with learning chinese ,and if u also use effective methods ,ur chinese will grow faster than u can imagine GOOD LUCK FOR U

    Mandarin is special, because Chinese character isn't phonography.Ttranscribing will be necessary. All of us do that when we were schoolchilden. Taking lessons will be useful. Teachers can teach you grammar what a native sperker without professional training can't give you.

    Actually I thought that study the standard spoken Chinese is very easy, possible, because I am Chinese's reason. . I think study anything, so long as diligently, certainly will learn. I study English also am this, so long as records listens to write, will have to the enhancement.if you will later meet any question, may ask me.

    i learned korean for a year from a korean native on campus. 1-1 is better than a big class. because you know what you lack and its very efficient. of course only if the teacher is good or professional at teaching their mother tongue. it was a great experience for me and i improved korean amazingly fast! so i suggest you get a private teacher or do language exchange near you. jia you!

    Hello!my friend ,at first ,I think interest is the best teather,like the experience I learn japeniese,and I have a great progress in the two years.Secondly,you need Perseverance,It is also very think that's all,hope can help you a little.

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