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can you tell me what is the best website to learn corean?

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    one from here gave it to me and it's really helpful.
    good luck.a_a
    Check this out too

    The Korean alphabet, intonation, sound change.

    Korean vocabulary

    Check the Student section out after signing up for this website.

    Remember 'shadow reading'.

    if you are advanced enough to read and understand korean writings well.
    the best website is the natioanl institute of the korean language(
    you can leave your questions and the authorities in korean give you the right answers in the section called 온라인 가나다(oline a b c) under the heading of 열린 마당(open forum).

    some of my friends are learning korean with this website
    it offers some basic lessons for free, but you need to pay if you need to learn more

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