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In Chinese how to say " I miss you my friend"

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    我的好朋友,我好想你啊。in chinese must like that!!!

    you mean ~you want to know what say this sentence~right~chinese word is我想唸你我的朋友~if you want learn how to pronounce the word~i must use microphone is more correct~

    In Chinese it is "我想念你我的朋友".


    In daily life,your friend and you are closer ,you can say "我想你了"。or you are newer for not a long time,formal ,you can say"我想念/惦念你"

    my friend 我的朋友
    I我 miss想 you你
    I miss you:我想你。

    朋友, 我想你了。

    朋友,我想你!(pern yoo ,what sun need)


    Chinese is very interesting!... Just "I miss you" this sentence, you can say it in some ways.
    For example:
    And there are also a lot of ways to say "my friend" in Chinese:
    親qin愛ai的de(my dear - my darling)
    so you can say: "我的朋友, 好想念你喔!" or "我想你, 我朋友!"
    or "親愛的, 好想你喔!"

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