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How hard is it to learn Swedish?

Becuase English is a germanic language, will it be easier to learn Swedish as I know english?

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    Have you studied any other languages before? I think the first language you learn, apart from your native language, may be the trickiest since you need to think outside off your own language for the first time and get to terms with grammatical terminoligy.

    For me, beeing swedish, it does not seem like the most difficult language to learn. Swedish has been simplified during history and even though we have two genders we conjugate are verbs really easy compared to other languages related to english (like spanish or german)

    phonetics wise - english speakers can pronounce most swedish sounds without to big of a problem, with some exceptions perhapps (like the word for "seven" , "sju")

    We also have letters that do not exist in english: Å, Ä, Ö However these letters are easily pronounced since they are produced closely to where the english sounds are produced.

    Good luck with your Swedish and I hope you find it too difficult and decide to learn a more usefull language :P


    Easier than what? Well, there is a lot more resemblance between Swedish and English than between Swedish and French, so yes. But the grammar is a bit different. The thing which will give you most problems is the plural endings and articles. English doesn't have any word gender, but Swedish has two.

    Hope I didn't scare you off, good luck and just ask if you need any help.


    Swedish in my opinion is the easiest of the Nothern European languages, and also of the Scandinavian ones. Has no declensions like German (akkusativ, genitiv, dativ, etc), normally the verbs don't vary according to the person. What I find a bit difficult is they use lots of articles (en/ett), more than any language and also understanding spoken Swedish may be hard at first.

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