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Merry Xmas !how did you celebrate Christmas ?

how did you celebrate Christmas ? in China . we don't celebrate it . we celebrate Spring Festival 、、

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    Well, Spring Festival is more of a cultural holiday, while Christmas is a religious holiday. (For some people like myself, though, it has become more cultural as non-religious members of the family still gather with the religious members and to celebrate.)

    As for this year, I came back to my parents house and was met by one Aunt & Uncle and my mother's parents who also came into town. Woke up, ate a small breakfast and opened a few presents we had bought for each other. Then just hung out all day. (My dad and I played some badminton) Then we had a pretty huge steak dinner with all of us and then played games, watched movies, etc.
    Here in Georgia we do not celebrate Christmas as USA does. It has religious charater for us first of all. Of course, we do not know real date of Jesus Christ's born but it is accepted in Georgia to celebrate it in 7 of january. And we celebrate New Year as USA and others celebrate Christmas. Children receive present under fir-trees and they believe in Santa-Claus. We make new-year's dishes which is particular in Georgia. For example we called "gozinahi" such sweet nuts with honey which are baked in the oven or "sacivi" - dish with chicken and nuts and also many other ingredients which is really delicious. They are the most common new-year's dishes. So people like when it is 0 o'clock and first of january is to blow up fireworks in sign of their happiness that New Year has come. There is also concerts on the main square and food free of charge for everyone. Then our president come to talk on TV and congratulate us. And we like to go to our friends and relatives and to congratulate everyone with New Year.

    Didnt do much at all.....My dog died in the morning so I didnt really feel like celebrating

    i'm sorry..i am a i didn't celebrate christmas...but .....merry and happy X-mas for you//..........and....happy new year..............!!!!!!!!!!1

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