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what do you think the definition of LOVE ?!

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    Yes we can only think.
    “Love” its meaning is vast,May be endless .I think the most perfect one can define it completely.Who is he ? GOD .We imperfect people are not capable of defining such a perfect word such as is eternal,not materialistic so it cannot be given a boundry and give a unique logical definition..In my view ,it is a 4 letter word easy to say which cannot be described in words.A word full of meanings,feelings and gives happiness.It’s a source of pleasure and pain.. A word which I understands ,you understands and anyone understands.Most beautiful word.Most wonderful of all things in life. Without it we cannot live.It is a silence yet telling thousand words.Its also an invisible gift to someone.It defines everything in the world.It may be surrendering .Sometimes it is to care and make the others happy rather than yourself Everybody wants it,seeks it ,but luckyones gets it.
    Some things we are unable to describe.
    "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."--Aristotle
    "Love is the beauty of the soul."--St. Augustine
    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."--Helen Keller
    "In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing."--Mignon McLaughlin
    "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essense."--Vincent van Gogh
    Everywhere it is interpreted differently.We can write books .We all have different perspectives or views and all are true.that’s why we can only think.Some finds it in poems,some in lovers ,some in their parents thing is sure it is the greatest and most complex emotion.Even great persons in history cannot define it completely. to love and being loved , somewhere in between lies definition ,but whole world is in between it .just keep love as simply love .

    haha a tough question to answer.......
    It is very difficult to define LOVE. But according to me LOVE has a bit of every kind of relationship, in it.
    Love is different for everybody. I think that we are inundated with romance through the media which makes us think of love as something fantastical and magical, and sometimes we become disappointed when there's no Prince Charming or no love at first sight. However, love is surely wonderful in all the forms in which it comes. :)

    I think that no one now know what love means because I feel that love became no longer exists in our life but I will try to tell you from my little experience what love means.
    True Love is the best feeling in the whole world and it means that "" you really love somone ... love this person's character ... love this person's soul ... all what you want is to make this person happy and satisfied ... you can't cause anger to this person or even hurt by such a word and you don't permit anybody to hurt this person and to feel that you can no longer live without this person. And when you feel that you devote yourself to this person and you are willing to make any sacrifice in order to be with this person, you can be sure that you reached true love. I wish to can find true love in your life because there are a lot of people spend all their life searching for true love but unfortunately they couldn't find it.

    love is a couple believe each other, they have no secret. whatever and wherever they would think each other, care , want to see, want to hear the sound of each other ......
    when they together they feel happly. they will change his/her bad hobbe because of her/his.
    Love is the slowest form of suicide.

    if u love someone u will know
    love has another meaning i cant explain it i just feel it
    love sometime makes u live in another planet also u have to watch up of it coz sometime ut makes u fall

    L : Loyalty.
    O : Obsession.
    V : Vocation.
    E : Emotion.

    love don´t have definition. love is a feeling that born from the hearth...
    and mm i dont know to say more ..because i dont feel love in my long life :P
    The meaning of love is broad, there are many kinds of love, but I think love is to help each other, trust

    Love.. everything was already written here about it, so it is just a private piece of mine.
    Love is what moves me... it is as necessary as faith is to go on living... Without love we are nothing...
    What it is love it doesn't matter, but.. it is the reason of living since the beginning, the first breathing, the first wish, the first rational thought... Maybe it is the deepest mystery about life purpose. Only one thing I am quite sure about: it is to be shared !!!!

    It is really difficult to definite .but I do think everyone can get love and everyone has the right to love...

    looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ????????????????????????????????????????? love, the deffinition is that "there is no deffinition"

    for me, love is the two have the believe that they want to spend the rest of life with, and the believe there is no confiction cann't be resolve. you love your partner and trade him/her in the best way, and he/she also can understand your goodness

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