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what is the means of transport you prefer ? Why ?

plane, boet, train,......?

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    i just like all of depends of my mood

    I chose the plane because it is the fastest way as it is convenient for the passengers on board
    I'd prefer Plane beacuse of its speed and Train because of its safety.

    if you're talking about transport from my house to my work,
    then i prefer the bus becuse it arrives across the street fom my house
    and delivers me across the street from my job. and it's not expensive,
    i don't need to buy the gasoline for it or pay for the insurance or the
    mechanical repairs. and i don't have to wash it either.
    now that's what i call convenient.

    My favorite is car. Living in the USA, a person can see an enormous country by car. The only real limitation is time. . .

    Of course if I were to go to Asia or Europe, I'd need to go by plane. Can't drive across the ocean. . .

    I'd prefer *Dreams, because it's the fastest & the most convenient... You can just close your eyes to move from the real world :@ to one that you lead, when you want & where you want.... For free!

    To go pee in my house-Walking
    Quick 711 trip-Motorbike
    20km plus or grocery shopping-Car

    i like metro, faster and no trafic jam compared with the bus or car.
    and for train and plane, i prefer plane, cause train takes too much time.
    i never take boat except for sightseeing.

    flying saucer
    i want something you know what to be on ship and travel to aplace very far why ?? because i want to see every thing i love first the sky the moon the stars the sound of water and all of them i love alot so can you buy aship for me to travel by it hmm and to achieve my wish plz i want it look like titanic ship

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