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do you know what happen now in ghaza?

do you know what happen now in ghaza?

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    Это ужасно! При этом погибают и страдают ни в чём неповинные люди!!!
    This is terrible! At the same die and suffer innocent people!

    Yeah, so? You're from Algeria, it's between Israel and Hamas/Hizbollah.

    What kind of question is this?

    I read the news. Now I know.

    it's not new !!!


    Лев Толстой писал : " Берегитесь равнодушных людей! " Да! Это так на самом деле!

    Leo Tolstoy wrote: "Beware of indifferent people!" Yes! This is because in reality!

    Yes,I know.Israel kill innocent people.I cry and pray all day and night and I will allways...

    yes i know zionism gang that called"israel" make another genoside for arab but this time in gaza in palastin.
    im very very sorry for those inocent people .
    but victory is very very close in shaa allah we will return to palastin n kick zionism gang from it.

    Great, it seems like Adolf Hitler still exists in the mind of every muslim. :) Good job guys.


    Люди всех рас и религий равны перед Богом!
    Нетерпимость (расовая нетерпимость, религиозная нетерпимость...) это самый тяжкий грех. Остановитесь, люди!
    People of all races and religions are equal before God!
    Intolerance (racial intolerance, religious intolerance ...) is the most grave sin. Stop, people!

    HARREGARRE You call us Hitler.It is ridiculous.Because he was jewish,too.In that time they kill each other.Jewish people are hungry for blood everytime.Past jewish,now muslim maybe in future christian.They are human butcher.

    assalem alik , may be all of us we say yeah , we knwo what happen ; but that is not necessary , palastine it is the case of all the world , but each time , they have a trouble we just keep whaching , the question not what happen my broter ,but what we can do ? thx

    just one more ; i can say here complete of your profiel تجري الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن

    Why don't you ask this question to your president ? Israël is not less responsible than the arab leaders...What happened in Ghaza is because you live under coward governements !

    it is chronic problem and not new. i know but interested no much.
    between hamas/hızbullah and ısrael,,come on guys!!babıes dyin there each day wıthout a reason whıle our kıds and babıes sleepıng ın warm beds .....try to be not selfısh...ıt ıs murder ..murder of humanıty,,

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