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what is ur mind about Israel attack and killing hundreds of people in Gazza

what is ur mind about Israel attack and killing hundreds of people in Gazza
ما رأيك بما اقدمت عليه جيش الاجرام الاسرائيلي بقتل وجرح مئات المدنيين في غزة

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    Funny Harre! How horrible are those Palestinians! Their Fireworks blew up the Israeli’s F-16 , Apache , 3mos Satellite , the 300 Nuclear Missiles.... Come On! Wash away the dust from your glasses, see the world in colors and don't dream in Black and white, we live in 2009 not 1944. When 400 ppl die, it's only a mistake or a lesson for you. But, when 1/2 Israelian is down or injured its Homicide if not genocide. Israelians need to be punished for these crimes, no one is unreachable. Sooner or later, they will pay for their acts. I hope that you'll stay alive until you watch it .

    Own fault. They shouldn't have fired thousands of rocket into Israel. Will you sit on your ass while watching palestinian rockets hit you? And while suicide bombers bomb every market in israel? Grow up.
    It is terrinle and I will not comment.

    invasion of Palestine Lands continues since 1948. These attacks and slaughtering of Palestine people by Israel is not astonishing us. Because Israel started this kind of terror attacks from its foundation days by terrorist organisations like Hagana. It can not be a reasonable cause for this attack against very weak resistence of Hamas. 5 million people living in their own country like a captive.

    There are no words for this to be told!
    Harregarre you have a brain of a 6 year old!
    either you got your brain washed by israelis in your country, or you are just too stupid to realize what's happening around you.
    حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل
    كان الله في عون اخواننا في فلسطين..و لعنة الله على كل حكام العرب العملاء!ا
    يا جماعه حد يرد على المتخلف الهولندي ده

    I think it is a bullying, vicious attack on people who are already oppressed, living in difficult conditions and who are unable to escape. I also think that Israeli foreign policy must be written by people as immature as Harregarre, since any fool can see that this action will not solve the Israel/Palestinian problem but only lead to escalation of trouble world-wide.

    This is the most horrible crime Israel committed against Gaza since 1967, and Israeli officials themselves called it holocaust (Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai threatened Palestinians in Gaza with a “holocaust” , he said it in March this year, after Israeli army killed over 120 Gazans in a short period of time). So let's ask israelis, if 400 victims until now in only 4 days is the holocaust they threatened with, or not yet and what is yet to come?

    Gaza is being blamed and massacred for it's choice of resistance. It only means, they made a good choice, and no occupying power can stand it, when occupied people are making right choices...

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