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What's the best way to study hangul? and what's the easiest way to memorize katakana and hiranga ?

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    Just like Chinese. Chinese and Hangul are alike,they are both made up of different written-parts. Learn how the words are made up of

    hi Mira..
    i learn katakana too.. it needs less than a week for me to memorize it. i learn it by writing my diary in katakana. always. and it helps me a lot.
    i also use java application on my mobile to take a quiz on my katakana+hiragana+kanji skill. or maybe if i forget how to write, i just check it on my mobile. so i can do it anytime, anywhere, without having to bring books of 'how to write kanji, haragana, and katakana' ^^
    Good Luck!

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