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Does anyone else like Beijing Opera?

Perhaps it's strange but I kinda like it. Is there anyone else here who enjoys Beijing Opera? If you do and you know some nice footage, drop the link in your comment. (Like a youtube link or something.) I'll start off with some nice ones: (really fast) (monkey king acrobatics) (slow paced singing)

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    I enjoy watching Beijing Opera. Here in Harbin there are two places I go to see it all the time. however many young chinese people don't seem to watch Beijing Opera.

    I also like to watch 二人转. it's sort of like a two person comedy show onstage with singing and dancing. it's a 东北 north east traditional art. 赵本山 a famous chinese actor is well known for his work in 二人转.

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    My grandpa likes Beijing Opera very much. Cause when he worked as an intern at one shop in Beijing, he found the beauty of Beijing Opera. Most of the time, he would listen to radio or cassettes.

    My mother likes Qin Opera, which is very popular in my hometown,Shaanxi. Beijing Opera is more delicated compared with Qin Opera. Just my personal opinion.

    You can check the link below for a play


    if you think is worth going ,you will go to there。believe your self !!!!!!!!!!!

    my grandparents like YUEOpera(越剧)...

    智斗。Not the best version I've listened to though.I LOVE Peking Opera!

    And here's more~

    If you got the chance to go to Beijing, dont forget to go to 湖广会馆,I think you will enjoy there

    i'm from penang,malaysia... here we have our own Hakka and Hokkien version of chinese opera (the majority of the chinese here are of hokkien descent)... which is essentially the same as peking opera (i guess...)..
    there's plenty on the streets during the hungry ghost month (7th month of chinese lunar calendar)...

    i live it.
    越剧 is good too. i like it more~~



    yes ,i like it very much.I think you can get more inforemation by CCTV11 and buy some CDs.

    It is very different that is for sure. I liked the costumes but the music was ear-piercing and clanging was not enjoyable to me. I believe it takes a special appreciation to enjoy.

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