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How to say"Never mind.""Beauty will buy no beaf.""Gay,lesbian""soulmate"in Russian?

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    Soulmate is not товарищ по духу. The closest you can get would be родная душа (or родственная душа), but unfortunately there is no one-to-one translation.

    Never mind - it depends on the context, so it is very hard to answer...and the most common, i think so is - забудь об этом
    Gay,lesbian - gay has too meanings in english: merry and gay (man). in russian it will be: веселый,гей (мужчина)б лесбиянка
    soulmate - товарищ по духу

    "Beauty will buy no beеf" isn't really very common phrase in English, at least not as common as 漂亮不能当饭吃 in Chinese. You can say "Красота обеда не пригитовит", but that's not a common saying in any way.

    i desagree with Cababunga, soulmate can be translated and as "товарищ по духу" and as "родная душа" they have the similar meaning..but depends on the context.

    Never mind = не имеет значения, не важно. It's not important.

    About gay and lesbian. In russia lan we have different words. About gay - гей,like in english. Голубой, гомосек, пидор but it's roughly and "mauvais ton". This words use only people who don't like gay.
    About lesbain - лесбиянка, like in eng.

    never is -не важно
    Beauty will buy no beaf is -Красота будет покупать вы не пригитовит
    Gay is - гей
    lesbian is- лесбиянка
    soulmate is - товарищ по духу

    Right, Elena, it depends on context. The problem is that "soulmate" is always used in romantic relationship context and never in member-of-same-party context, where "товарищ по духу" would be appropriate.

    Cababunga, you should know the live language, not dictionary, and the phrase "товарищ по духу" is widely used in friends relationships. It is very pity to read that someone gives advice in accordance with wikipedia, not in accordance with the real usage of this word.

    The article was given to you, so you can better understand how "soulmate" is used in English, it doesn't explain any Russian terms. Unfortunately you completely missed the point and didn't read it. I should have been explicit about it. Now, please don't tell me you don't see the difference between romantic relationship and friendship. Because that's how it looks like. Nobody is talking about friendship here. "Soulmate" is about love, not friendship. I don't know how to explain it better.

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