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Barbaric slaughters

Have u ever seen more than Israel barbaric in Gaza to make very ugly slaughters against children and civilian people??????

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    This is the most horrible crime Israel committed against Gaza since 1967, and Israeli officials themselves called it Holocaust (Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai threatened Palestinians in Gaza with a “holocaust” , he said it in March this year, after Israeli army killed over 120 Gazans in a short period of time). So let's ask israelis, if 350 victims until now in only 3 days is the holocaust they threatened with, or not yet and what is yet to come?
    Maybe you could read the 20 other questions on this subject? Just a thought.

    What RyanLeE said. Besides, you've already posted this before. Isn't it time to come up with something new?

    never! may God help the angel of gaza!!!!!!!!

    maybe u could study the history of this question and compare the deaths and injuries , and then tell me the right and wrong of the problem!!!

    hi fares,
    y we don't remmeber Gaza from 5or 6 months ago?
    y we just knw it when there r alot of deaths?

    I wasn't talking to you Fares. I'm sorry. I was talking to all the others who don't bother to find out facts. u know i agree with you and think it is terrible. Really i meant to speak to all those Americans who support Israel and don't know the facts
    I should have read it through.

    I'm sorry everyone. What i meant to say is that we poeple in the west only have to compare the number of deaths and injuries to see that the Israelis are barbaric and this attack is deliberate murder.

    people in the world will celebrate the christmas or new year by dancing-enjoying-drinking during the massacre of women, babies and innocent people. what a filthy outrages world. should israel exist in the middle east ? the true answer may be the end of barbaric slaughtering.

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