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are you lucky in love?

hello everybody ,what do you think about love ?and are you lucky in it !!!!!?
me i m in love with a great personne ,he is the world for me when he is fine i m fine and when he feels bad i ll be sad and ill .realy i love him and i m afraid to lose him

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    my opinion ....will be opinion of religion with marriage is so so Wonderful and Islam urges that .... but anything otherwise that will be both of youth or to girl ..I don't saing love is prohibited but I saying it have to in Islam

    hell no .. love is sucks with me!!
    i hate it ;P!!!!

    i have bad luck with love

    I have been expecting the right person for me

    yeah love is a gret feeling but i think that it becomes so rare.
    we rarely find true love in our lives.As for me,there r a lot who love me
    I don't know why exactely but just i'm beloved
    any way,i don't have a true love in my life
    not yet,besides I'm still young so life is still long
    and it's not time for that

    i hope u the best sis
    take care

    love has many difrenet meaning,,,,,any way,,,
    in generaly when you do somenthing good you well recive something good,,,
    so,,,when we talk about love,,,,,,i think we should love in honestly,,,,then it doesnt metter if the persone are lucky or not,,,,,,
    and by the way,,,i dont belive in luck,,,,,i dont,,,,every one make his chances and his life with his work,,,,,,so,,its like that i think,,,,,
    I'm just happy.. cause Love is in my heart, it does not depend if i love someone.. Like this :)
    I do not know, difficult for me to say bluntly

    not yet, but I am sure that I will find someone for me one day

    love is the feeling.. which u can't get rid off.....
    love is within me... i am love..
    i am lucky to being in love..!!

    and what about u.?

    mr.amine someone is taking revenge by giving thumbs down for all your answers .any idea ?

    @the lady god keep you both together long ,u r lucky

    Aside from the unpleasant and obligatory "breaking up periods", I'd say that my lovelife was satisfying when I was single, and continues to be while married.


    coz iam not free for that

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