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What is the main goal you want achieve on 2009 ?

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    1.) Be a better person
    2.) Start saving
    3.) Travel more
    4.) Finish my Post-Graduate course
    5.) Practice healthy lifestyle
    There's more to my list but those are the Top 5
    make me and my family happy.
    can do what I want to do


    Right any wrongs I have done
    Make peace with my sister
    Learn better poeple skills
    Be totally honest with myself
    Enjoy every day

    to find a good job in my specialité

    to get my baccalauriate.
    -Become top teacher on italki
    -Be more helpful to others
    -Do more exercise and stay fit

    i wan't for my home country - Iraq - to be fine .. and peace be upon it :)
    also i wanna go to Japan to study hahaha . hope so :)
    and peace to all the universe!

    Peace Out ♥

    I hope i will find my love and hoping to visit a new place.

    That's quite a good question !~i want a new job in 2009,and keep learning and have a good score in the exam !~and live a happy life with my bf !~
    To me the thing more important is be ok in 4 senses: the health making a lot of excercise, the mind thinking good things and be positive always, the relation with the others trying to be a good person kind and that my actions make me feel ok with myself, and the fourth is working a lot making that all the things that I do give the best of myself.
    This are the main points to de 2009 I think that if this 4 sense are ok the money, my relation with my love and my family will be really good.
    Thank you for invite me I.B and happy new year for everybody

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