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what do u think??

what do u think of UN reply if 400 israeli have been killed by Hamas weapons???

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    very good question buit i think not only people in Israel r bad but also people who supprt them and judge without know the fact in Palestine.

    -- As a mod I would have removed this question. It has (A) nothing to do with Belarusion or Burmese for that matter and (B) it is hypothetical and provocative in nature. --

    we, as a humanbeing, must be against to all of attacs to innocent people from Israel or Palestine. In real, especially in western world people(or their governors) believe traditionally "the value of a man" changes according to his cultural or ethnical root. We saw this in Bosnia. tens of thousands people have been killed in the center of Europa(they were muslim bosnians). if someone muslim " can be killed ". USA supported and financed UN do surely something for the regional benefits of USA but not for humanity.

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