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What's the employment situation of a new graduate like in your country?

China ENJOYS the worst situation ever, around 600,000 university graduates are going to be unemployed next year as estimated. If the population here is already overloaded, then the global financial disaster has been adding to the severe situation.

what about your country? england, france, sweden,america etc. how hard is it for a new graduate to get a job? if its as hard as here, what do they do to make it through and support themselves?

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    in the u.s.a.,
    people with education in the health care field
    will probably not have any problem finding a job.
    In the U.S.A., due to budget cuts, many companies and schools are letting go of people with years of work experience who are forced to compete with the new college grads. Some of these poor college grads have to start flipping burgers at fast food jobs that usually only pay minimum wage.

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