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baca or membaca?

Are both sentences correct?
1. Saya baca suratmu.
2. Saya membaca suratmu?
In case both are correct, when to use which one?
Best regards,

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    hi Drik,
    1. saya baca suratmu is not formal sentence, and always using for usual conversation
    2. saya membaca suratmu is formal sentence and using for latter or formal conversation
    but both sentence is correct, i wish it help you, anyway please correct my english too.

    Hi Dirk,
    Both of that sentences is correct.
    The first sentence is "explanation" .
    The second sentence is "verb".
    Bahasa Indonesia is very simple you can use both of the sentences. But don't forget to add some time explanation words.
    1. If you want say "past" just put explanation word like: kemarin (yesterday).
    Saya baca suratmu kemarin / saya membaca suratmu kemarin
    2. If you want say "present" just put "sekarang" (now)
    Saya sedang baca suratmu sekarang / saya sedang membaca suratmu sekarang.
    "Sedang'' mean in the nick of time
    3. If you want say "future" just put words : nanti (latter), besok (tomorrow).
    Saya baca suratmu nanti / saya akan membaca suratmu besok
    "akan" mean will.
    I hope you understand with my explanation and not get confused..coz my English he..he...

    to supplement previous answers, i'd like to add that sentence (1) is structurally correct and the meaning is perfectly understandable. however it does not comply with standard bahasa indonesia (indonesian) grammar. sentence (2) is structurally correct, totally comprehensible, and adheres to the standard grammar. use sentence (2) if you are in the formal occassion (e.g. writing official letter, company meeting, etc) and in colloquial occassion or even artwork like poet, sentence (2) sounds better.

    i meant "poem" not "poet". grr, i wonder why dyslexic symptom appears more frequent these days..

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