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How to use "i sommar" "på sommaren'' ''i somras'' in Swedish?

I'm confused about the reference points in time.
When talking about the summer of 2008, which one should I use:
''Jag hade mycket roligt på sommaren'' eller ''Jag hade mycket roligt i somras''?
And since it is now year 2009, is it the same phrase to talk about summer of 2008 in Dec, 2008 and Jan, 2009?
Is ''i sommar'' used in the future tense?
What about summers in general? How to say ''I usually go to seaside in summers'' in Swedish?

Thank you.

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    "I somras" is used when talking about the past. I personally use "i somras" when talking about the last summer in the past, "förra sommaren" when it's summer and I'm talking about the last summer, "den här sommaren" when talking about this summer in the future or present tense, "nästa sommar" when talking about the next summer.

    "Jag hade mycket roligt i somras" sounds the best to me.

    The year doesn't really matter, but if it's before, in or after the summer. (and which summer you're talking about)

    "I sommar" is used in the future tense.

    "I usually go to the seaside in summers" would be something like "på sommaren brukar jag åka ut till kusten" or "jag brukar åka ut till kusten på sommaren", depending on the emphasis. I guess "på sommaren" is used when "i somras" and "i sommar" aren't.

    I would say that "på sommaren" is useed for every summer. Example "På sommaren är det vanligt att åka till havet för att bada", which means in the summer it is common to go the sea for bathing. Atleast this is the only way to use "på sommaren" I can think of.

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