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Who knows, too, my friend?


I am very worried about the family of my friend Muhammad from the Gaza Strip (T003976890). My friend wonderful. He has 5 children. I do not get a letter from him. Who knows anything about my friend?

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    may be this room will help you
    it has direct contact with gaza

    Do they have internet in the Gaza strip? I thought they were poor and helpless there but apparently they have enough money to pay for internet and computers.

    Sorry i dont kow


    me too i ahve my friedn she's palestinian will tack doctorat soon but have many monthes not contacts cause haven't electrecity ,but now anything ,any new ,my heart with all palestinians people
    israelian people live with abig smile with any mercy
    but alla bless all palestinians people and incha allah you will know somthign good from mohamed

    no dear there are no electricity there and now no net to connect them
    we can connect them by mobile and phone but by difficult and so difficult,,,
    and most their lost thier homes and alot are killed , and a live people expect their killing any moment
    so Terrible

    i worried about hem and about 1.5 million palstinian ppl in saza strip
    allah help them all

    hey aziza u know alot of troubles made there in gaza israel prevent all comunications to a recheable to gaza i have friend from gaza too hecalled mohamed i call him by cellphone but i cant reache him in the first and second day of this war in gaza he doing well and his family i talking with his dad and mom they told me that we r ok we must pray for them
    allah will rescue them
    see u be relax plz
    There is no electricity, no communication, by mobile it's possible but so difficult, and we pry to him to be safe, him and his children, and all of Gaza’s people and GOD with theme.
    Believe me when I watch news on TV I want to cry

    my dear friend
    iI hope Alla with them . up to know 660 shahed and 300 injuries . take care bye

    dead my all friends
    please tell all friends around you and use all things by mails .to let all people hear about that histrocal crime of israil .

    bad way jewish Harregarre ,, i think ur friend will be good and God bless him but as u know my friend u\in Gaza no electricity now even mobile not work cuz it need chargeing but i think this situation will not stay forever and the people who now happy cuz slaughters in Gaza one day he will drink same glass......

    about connection israeli Destroyed the main tower of jawal ( the only mobile line in palestine ) before 2 dayes in Gaza so about 85 % of GAZA people their jawals have no servicIn addition to there are no Electricity there.
    and about phone connection it is so difficult also , cuz either the homes is destroyed or cuz people left their home as isreali ask them to leave cuz want to destroy this area or cuz they looking to safe place but Unfortunately death every where in Gaza and no safe places there...!!!!!

    We have to ask god to protect them and returns every body to his family in good health, this what we should do at least to stand behind them.

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