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When someone compliments me, how can I respond modestly?

When people tell me I'm good at something, I want to know how to acknowledge their compliment, but also respond with modesty. How do I do this?

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    According to different situation, you have many choices.
    when you face a stranger, you'd better say: 过奖了。
    but if the person who compliments you is your buddy, you can feel free to respond:呵呵,凑合。
    You must pay special attention when you receive compliments from the senior or your boss,
    I suggest you reply:还要继续努力。
    In a word, you can't use one expression to handle various situation. Flexible and appropriate responses
    can be accumulated in daily life!

    If you mean in Chinese, you could say thank you to young people, and you say "guo jia le" to elder peoples.

    过奖 = guo jiang
    哪里哪里 = nali nali

    thank you. you flatter me
    thank you but i have a lot to learn yet

    To add,you could also say:


    These expressions which I have written are more polite and literary,usually seen in letters,we call them 谦辞。

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