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what is the most popular italian song listened by italians?

just I wanna know, if u can response

thanx or grazie or gracias

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    Nowadays (07/01/2009)
    Between young guys "Il Genio" (artist) "Pop Porno" (name of the song) is an electropop song, very danceable
    between the others "Giusy Ferreri" (artist) "novembre" (songname) is a pop song
    you'll easily find 'em on youtube

    Generally as singers I can give you a few names.
    Some of them are evergreen artists in pop song, other ones are more recent.

    Lucio Battisti
    Claudio Baglioni
    Vasco rossi
    Luciano Ligabue
    Laura Pausini

    The song of the century according to an old poll is "Questo piccolo grande amore" ( I can translate it with "this little big love") by Claudio Baglioni.

    It's a typical sample of melodic Italian music style.

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