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Petition to United Nations


They, who want war, do not want peace. Who have said that aggression is force? But, maybe aggression is fear and greed? Only peaceful suggestions can calm this war and extinguish fire, unmask everything and everyone.

People! If you are sensible, stop! All of us need peace!

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    Peace be when all nations have their rights when we live in justice when jews stop their controling in our nice world , we can live in peace when every jewish back to his country which he \ she came from it before 1948 when they constructed Israel and killed Palestinians . now there r more than 7 millions Palestinians live out of Palestine and couldnt visit Palestine cuz jews prevent them is this fair and u what Harregarre says people , i think he sees humans as animals

    Sadly enough this won't make a difference Aziza. The real problem lies in the human nature. We tend to create groups and differentiate between them. Every human does it, no exceptions. You divide people into groups from your birth; people who are your relatives, strangers, friends, people you admire, people you despise, people you understand easily, people you don't understand, people who have the same hair and skin color, etc. As we grow older other things get involved; people who share the same political views, people who share the same religion, people who share the same nationality, people who share the same cultural background. As soon as this is established the world is divided into those who oppose you and those who support you.

    When will this vicious cycle end? When humans cease to exist. It's just something we do. Perhaps the world will be a little more peaceful if we mix all races and all look the same. (Somewhat light-brownish with dark hair probably.) Also, no religion nor political views have to exist. And then there's still a distinction namely men and women, young and old, succesful and unsuccesful, etc. Basically there's no way it's ever going to end. Sad but true.

    yes Harregarre is a very bad jewish . i know this kind of devils

    And you are very good muslims!

    Honestly "Fares and Hot Man" (who by the way are one and the same person) I don't give a flying fuck what you guys think. Apparently you think anyone who speaks the truth is jewish. You say so. I think proper discussions about important events are not for people like you. QUOD LICET IOVI NON LICET BOVI!
    I don't think United Nations will help...maybe other organizations...but thanks for keep trying, as long as we keep caring about it there are hopes for humanity
    By the way, congratulations for the group of discusion Aziza, and also for the words u wrote there and your care... blessings for u all

    nice work Aziza

    Well UN cant help becuz they r under the influence of Israel and America is also controlled by them
    becuz they have great influence over there and how much UN say it will not affect Israels.
    and by the way Mr Harregarre if they were ur people who r under severe then i would have asked u
    so if u dont know how to talk it will be good for u to keep quite pocking nose in everybody business is not good.

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