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What do you think about THE END OF TIME on Desember 21, 2012 ????

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    Well it it were for SURE I'd start spending all my money...

    I dont belive in that ......its just an indian mythology said that god ask for three priests to solve a game ... the game is called tower of hanoi ..this game contains 64 disks in Ascending order the bigger disks are in the bottom and the smaller at the top of the tower ...and there is 2 other tower they can use to transfer the disks from the original tower to one of the other tower and they can use the other tower left as temprary destination ......they should transfer disks in the other tower in the same order ( Ascending order ) and they cant move more than one disk together and the most and the difficult thing is they cant put big disk over smaller disk ........and about December 21,2012 ...thats is the time that the super pc need to solve this game :)
    False prophets have come as was predicted. Read this verses - Matthew 24;23-27 - If someone then tells you, "Look! Here is the Christ! or "there He is!" do not believe Him! for false Messiahs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to mislead, if possible, even the elect. Remember that I have forewarned you. So, if they say to you - He is there in desert! do not go out! "In these rooms here!" do not believe it. For like the lightning that flashes from the east and shines to the west, so will be coming of Son of Man be.
    Jesus tells us not to believe in such prophecies because they are false. No one knows when will be the end of days except Our Father but we know that now is such period which is described in Bible as a time of the end. We can find out it, for example from the gospel of Matthew chapter 24. I suggest you to read whole chapter. And from other books of Bible as well. There were so many predictions but we still are here. Remember it.

    yes mile thats what i meant ....i meant no one can know when the world will end exept god

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