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Oshiemasu o kudasai! Sensei, touter, pen pal or who ever speak Japanese I need you.

Konnichiwa ^^, i could need a pen pal, teacher, touter or who ever speak Japanese.. :) I've got two books where I learn the basics and easy conversation in Japanese and get this I TOTALLY understand what i'm doing ;D but I feel I would get more out of it if I could talk Japanese with someone.. If that turns out to be you I would be soo grateful and happy :D Oshiemasu o kudasai :)

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    hello, if you have any question of japanese, mail me!
    i will answer it asap! tata:D

    is that possible you do not use any Kanji or hiragana there? I really wonder that coz a lot of learners of Japanese use letters only.busy people? ははは。。。
    I'm Japanese learner too!
    If you need some other material I can send you links for other books or video,sound courses!
    I also speak Japanese a little but not very good... :D

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