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How do u think about abortion in your country? 你对堕胎有什么看法?

How do u think about abortion in today's world?
If u are women, would u do abortion if needed?
(Lets say u pregnant before married.)
If u are man, would you allow your wife/girlfriend to do abortion?

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    It is one kind of killing little baby, is it acceptable? Of course, not!!!


    hımm yes ı think that it can be only first four mounths, after that it should be ban
    but in our country is ban.all people apply informal way for abortion

    I don’t agree about abortion, the better way is do something to prevent pregnant~ but if one day, (just if, I wish it never happen on me~) I pregnant before married, I will make sure the dad of my kid and me can handle this, make sure we can do everything after it born; but I still will try to find someone will love and really good to my child, and make sure they are right family to adopt my child, but it is really really bad way to let my child call someone else mom… ‘coz I have some friends of my friend, they ever abortion, that is hurt their body and mind, that really not something good ever, it better never happen, if it really does… someone better having keen sense of responsibility.

    just my personal thinking...^^

    I think abortion is a very important right every woman should have, but there should be specific laws based on medical skills as well. In Italy, for example, it's banned after the fourth month, for later it would be too risky for the woman. I find it's silly banning it completely, because that way many women will go to clandestine abortition, that is definitely dangerous. No doubt the right to abortition is fundamental in every case the woman is in health danger for her motherhood; however probably you aren't asking about this strictly.
    Of course, there have to be alternatives, such as the right to bear the child and leaving him/her at the ospital anonimously, so that a woman can give life to a child even if she won't be able to take care of him/her. This way, you're in the situation «I'm pregnant, what should I do now?», you have plenty of possibilities whether bearing the child or not.

    If I were pregnant, no matter if married or not, I'd choose to bear the child and take care of him/her; but I can say this for I'm quite lucky: I have an open-minded family with no economical problems, my parents first and all my relatives would help me... and me, I love children and looking forward to having some of my own; even if I'll try to have them after marriage, just because this most likely would mean they'll have a father, a family, a home, a suitable background to be born in you know, too. Need to abortition, would mean my health is seriously in danger for me;
    nevertheless I know there are so many women worldwide who aren't as lucky as I am, because of different situations and reasons, and for them I strongly defend the right to abortition – which should not depend on the man's will.

    So... my view, abortion cann't be done! =( it's crime...
    I would be against, and all my means try to convince the girlfriend... Because I obviously love my child, even before birth.
    After the abortion decreases the likelihood of having a child, what risk? :( maddness...
    the children are the magic of life...

    every country has its own custom or routine,My country the abortion is Totally same thing forbidden and an acceptable,becouse fearing a shame than killing same once are not relevant,the shame is just two or three days but killing a soul,a human,innocent person,is one of the worest situations on the earth and lastes its consequences till the end of days.becouse as we know, all of us we like our selves,we dont need to be killed,or banned from the world,we all like peace,freedom,and dont infer his/her silence or being un reactive.
    though he/she cant respond than we feel that the baby hates to killed,harmed,tortured and abortioned,as you hate all of these to be tested on ur body.

    as a man i dont really allow (forget about my sisters or wife) even my all citizens and women arroud the globe i would alow her to ban her kid.i suggest if it happen(god forbid) not to kill that baby,just take care of the baby,but u have to ask allah a forgivenes becouse u commited same thing very shame,illegal,and bad.

    I dont think abortion is a good thing at all! I mean that would be like killing a human being! Even though the baby hasnt developed yet it's still human and that is something that shouldnt be destroyed! Plus it says in the Bible and the Quaran that abortion is wrong!

    in my Catholic country isn't indicated as morality
    i'm pro-choice, meaning it's the woman's choice. i personally would not abort, but maybe a woman who is a rape victim doesn't want to be reminded of the rape by seeing the baby all the time unless she decides to put the baby up for adoption.

    unavoidablly, abortion shows no respect to lives. however, some of the women aborted for no choice and even without awareness of the threatening of health.
    I think the women who have aborted are supposed to be paid more close attention. Sometimes they suffered unimaginable social pressure,physically and mentally.
    in addition, mother is a sacred occupation, you can not welcome a baby without enough preparation. In my personal moint of view, ruining one person is worse than killing him.

    I personally don't agree with abortion.
    However, other people can get abortions if they choose to, but that's killing a human being even if the baby is not fully developed. On top of that, the woman who's getting that abortion will be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life.

    In our country's law abortion is strictly prohibited as in other country.
    I either don't agree on aborting the baby in the mother's custody whatever the reason, still it is a life that God given to a family. And must be accept with all of your life.
    Most common reason on abortion is regretion ; when a couple (married or not) enter to the stage of curiousity they not think the consequences of having a big responsibility, if it will bear their only last resort was abortion.


    How do u think about abortion in your country?
    -Abortion is not prohibited in China. And most married or unmarried women can decide whether to get an abortion depend on their own financial status or their relationship with the other half.
    How do u think about abortion in today's world?
    -I guess there are some prohibitions or limitation for abortion in other countries or states. But I believe women have the right to decide whether to have an abortion. If the couple can not take care of the baby after the birth, it is better to stop the baby's pain before the birth.
    -If u are women, would u do abortion if needed?
    (Lets say u pregnant before married) If I can earn enough income to support the baby, I will keep him or her. If not, I would choose abortion.
    If u are man, would you allow your wife/girlfriend to do abortion?
    -I would not choose to make my wife/girlfriend accept an abortion if she is not willing to.

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