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seul pronounciation

is l silent in seul?most consonants at the end of words are silent? any exceptions?

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    Hi Little G,
    No, you need to always pronounce the 'l' at the end of the words. If it was a 't', 's', 'x', 'p', 'd', 'c', 'm', 'n', then you don't pronounce it. There is maybe other letters that you don't pronounce at the end of the words in french. You need to pronounce the 'r' too, but there is exception. When the word finish by 'er', you don't pronounce the 'r', but you pronounce these two letters like an 'é'.
    You need to read a grammar book or maybe search on the internet about words pronunciation in french. I am not really a french teacher. So sometime, i make mistakes in french too.
    Some websites on french pronunciation:

    Oh, i forgot some words wich ends with 'ail', 'aille'. Those words, you don't pronunce the 'l'. But you pronunce it as the chinese character 爱. And the words 'seuil', 'oeuil', you don't pronunce the 'l'. I don't know how to explain you how to pronunce those words. You need to hear someone say it to you.
    And for the 'er', sometimes you need to pronunce the 'r'. By example the words 'mer', 'amer'. But for the words 'aimer', 'casser', 'jouer' for example, you pronounce the ending of those words like an 'é'. French is very complicate.

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