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What do you take into consideration to accept a friendship invitation in italki?

You received a friendship invitation from an italki member. Why do you accept and why don't? What are your criterias?

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    I check their profile, look at what they are learning, look at their friends list, read any messages they have received on their blackboard and check their age and gender before i accept. sometimes this is difficult as they hide all their details. i don't accept them if i think they are here just to flirt and talk about bad things.

    well, i dont know, the criterias are , that he or she speaks at least one language, which i am practicing and that person has to seem being interested in teaching or learning new languages.....

    I usually have no specific first consideration. After an introduction chat, we can see if we both can chat practicing some language. I have no kind of prejudice or previous opinion. I like hearing people at first.
    i accept everyone but I have not always time to speak. No specific criteria, they are people I am and we have to be friends.

    Hello ,
    For me the language spoken is the first and most important criteria here on italki , it is after all a language exchange site, it is based on mutual benefit in learning languages, I would very much like to help with the languages I am good at but I want also to practice the language i am learning,what many here don't seem to understand. I am not likely to help one with English while he/she only speaks Thai for example (which I am not learning). Maybe sometimes if i am interested in the culture or food ;)of a certain country that I would make exceptions. With no hard feelings ,that is it :)

    When choosing to accept or decline friendship or chat invites the first I check their profile. I'm more likely the accept if their profile is fully filled and tells some small details about the person. I also pay attention in some cases to their profile pictures. I don't usually accept invites if the profile picture contains fundamentalistic religious or racistic themes. Also I don't accept invites from people who use those Windows XP sample pictures... you know "Blue hills", "Sunset", "Winter" as their profile pictures. It's based into experience. Those people 90% of the time lack seriously in the mental faculties...can't have IQ much above 80... almost impossible to have meaningful conversation with them and they're have the habit to either be retarded or boring as hell = waste of time.

    Well if the person's profile or country gives me sort of bad feeling. Then I check their questions and anwers and if those tell me that the person is pervert or backwards, simpleton who is mentally stuck in the middle ages I wont be wasting my time with him or her. lol for example if I see answer where man in his early 40s or late 30s tells that he's sad that 15-year-old girl turned down his marriage proposal hell no I will be interested to talk with him... I remember seeing that kind of answer while ago...

    i have accepted invitations and asked for invitations normally if i see any point of coincidence in my very subjective opinion regarding language, geographical procedence irrespective of age or sex. if that person doesn't contact anymore or leave messages with subjects i consider not adequate to chat with because you don't speak with everybody about any subject, i delete it. To the time being, my success in language or linguistic exchange is null. i also ask questions to see what's the feed back but results are also low. lately i started writting opinions on people demands to see if it promotes me as the reader can have a bit of vision of what crosses my mind or my personality. anyway, no great results. as the majority of users are very young i use this to have a bit of sociological vision of what are the preocupations of young all around the world and sometimes i really get surprised. if you have notions of mass comunications, anthropology and the like which is my case, you can read a bit between lines. by now, my analisis is that this place is full of narcisistic (onanistic) youngs embebbed in all sorts of capitalistic notions, and the word cooperation i suppose has not much meaning to them or have not an approximative notion of it. so if you want to learn a language better look for a good manual. if your interest go a bit further in knowing what ideas habitate this world, this place is more interesting than other chat rooms where scopes are more specific from the first. of course, as i only can speak about my interactions, this view is very partial in the sense i only see a very reduced part of the whole. but for language learning i guess, having a look on the questions board, i am not too far from reality. good luck.

    thanks for giving this oppertunity to answer this question,,,,THANKS !!! TEŞEKKÜR EDERIM !!!

    Well, the first thing I pay attencion is the profile picture. I do not know why people do not show their faces.
    I prefer profiles who tell something about its choises/habits. It seems to be more truthful.
    The language spoken is important.
    I prefer do not accept if I think they only want to waste time.

    for me its a matter of..........??!!i dont know, it's something from my deep inside tells me accept this or ignor it i cant name it!!

    Oh yes, I do check on their profile, activity, personal, etc. before accepting them as friends. Sometimes I couldn't make up my mind whether to accept the person or not, especially if they try to hide details about themselves by just giving the answer "not given". But we don't really know these individuals until we have a chat with them.

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