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which is used when?


Hello folks...
I've just started a correspondence course on the net, and my teacher said I need to wait a bit to know the answers of those questions, but I really want to know now. Can anyone help?
which/when these words are used?
Thanks, and Brazilian greetings from Alkmaar

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    Je = unstressed (can be used instead of "jij" or "jou")
    Jij = stressed (can only be used as subject)

    Ik hou van jou = I love you
    Ik hou van je = I love you
    Je loopt = You walk
    Jij loopt = You walk

    Welke/welk depends on the word used in connection:
    Welke fiets
    Welke man
    Welk woord
    Welk huis

    This basically is connected to "de/het".

    De brug = Welke brug
    De gracht = Welke gracht
    Het schip = Welk schip
    Het beest = Welk beest

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