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How to distinguish between male and female in certain words?

My doubt arose when I wanted to say "maestra" (female for "teacher" in Spanish), setting than the word is FEMALE.
Would it be she.teacher, or how?

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For those people who didn't undertand, this question is for learning ENGLISH. I speak ALREADY Spanish (native).
I want to translate "maestra" to English.

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Base language: English
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    in english we dont really distinguish male and female with words. we say white for all things that are white instead of blanco or blanca and the same for teacher. we say teacher for male and female. when we say ugly we dont say fayo or faya we only say ugly, and when we say pretty we dont say buenito or buenita. there arent any male and female words except for some clothing such as blouse which is female shirt. if you want to talk about a teacher you can say something like my teacher is nice... use specifics such as, "my female teacher is nice"
    , when you want to say something specific.
    As I remember spanish speakers say maestro on both female and male. But I doubt also that it is not right.

    Usually somewhere in the sentence the word he ( male ) or she (female ) is in the sentence... or her or him ,girl or boy, man or woman , mr. or mrs. ladies or gentleman, it is usually somewhere there also sometimes a persons name will give the indication, otherwise it is kinda hard to distinguish.

    Hello Hedvart,
    Generally the gender of nouns is distinguished by different words such as :
    man , woman , father , mother , boy , girl
    Otherwise there is no distinction between masculine and feminine nouns in English ( for example teacher is both masculine and feminine distinguished by the context of the sentence ). It is possible to use ( male or female ) to make the distinction :
    a male doctor , a female student etc.
    However some are distinguished by different forms such as:
    acter actress
    waiter waitress

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