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Advanced Listening practice online?

Does anyone know a good place to practice listening. I know alot but I have no flow, so watching TV isn't helping yet, despite the fact that if written I could understand 90% of it. I use Japanesepod101 but that site is a little too beginnerish and there's WAY too much talking even on the advanced tracks I have to sift through.

Of course talking to people will help but I'd like to do some study-type practice as well.

Also any tips for catching up in the speaking listening department? Even though I'm in Japan and speak Japanese all the time, only my writing and reading seems to be improving at all. I want to understand a movie without subtitles already.

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    I think the best way is to just continue watching TV/listening to radio until you understand it. If you understand 90% when written it's just a matter of getting used to the sounds and speed of regular speech, and there are no real shortcuts. Maybe it's boring if you don't understand much in the beginning, but it should be the fastest way to improve your listening skills, since it's "real" Japanese. Your speaking skills should improve as well when you pick up patterns that you hear.

    If you -really- feel that it's not working, try . Good luck.


    Hey there,
    I have a similar issue. I understand the kanji subtitles on the news sometimes, but I can't follow the news reader's voice alone.

    I found the past exam papers for the JLPT exam and they have a transcript with the listening questions. I've been doing shadow repetition (repeating slightly after the audio), and reading along at the same time. It's useful for me because my reading is already pretty good, so it complements my other skills of listening and speaking. I think finding audio with transcripts is a good way to start getting your listening up to speed. After a while, you can ditch the transcript and see how you go. <--that's the mp3 files database... <--and that's the Level 2 transcript. Change the file name for levels 3 and 1 (there is no Level 4 listening that I can see).

    Plus, here is a podcast of two guys chatting about anything at all (native speakers) and they write up a transcript of what they are talking about so you can read along. Very useful and practical.

    P.S. with jpod101, I AGREE!!! Sometimes I say out loud, "stop talking, teach me Japanese!"

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