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Can u introduce me some of ur most visit site for learning Japanese(If u are learning Japanese) TX.

Do u have link which u are often visit for learning Japanese?
Currently I am using:
Do u have any other site which can introduce to me? Or any others better option?

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
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    i go to this website watching news every day

    For learn Japanese with the french language, this website is very complete and free of course.

    Very informative site ...various methods, but certainly better than use the books and audio/video courses, which is now very much.

    Some I often go to are, and
    i don't know your Japanese leverl.
    But you had better to start here.^^

    Try this ....

    Japanese tales in

    y dont you try this website i sure it can be more help 2 u youtube and browse your question i know it can be more help

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