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What are the sweet words used for addressing to darling?

What sweet words are used when addressing to spouse or darling in English except her/his name? Dear? Sweet? etc.. And, which ones do you use or like most?

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    my favorite, hunny bunny. haahahahahaa

    These are all good for men and women both:

    -- Darling, would you pass me the salt?
    -- Hi Honey, I'm home!
    -- Hello Beautiful, how was your day?
    -- Hey Sweetie, would you pick up milk on the way home?
    -- Hello My Love, it's so good to see you!
    -- Have a good day, My Dear!
    -- My dearest [Name], I'm writing to you because...
    -- Oh, Sweetheart, I'm so glad you're here!

    The above are common ones that if you heard someone say to their spouse, it would be normal and not embarrasing. Then there are the unusual names that people make up for each other, like Honeybunches, SugarLove, SweetieMuffin, SugarPants, HoneyButt, SugarLumpkins, StudMuffin, SweetieWeetie, BunnyWunny, BabyDoll, CutiePie, HoneyCakes, Pookie, LoverBoy, LoverGirl, SweetCheeks, or any other meaningful or cute-sounding combination of words. These are usually embarassing to overhear (if you are not the couple saying the endearments) because they are tooth-achingly sweet and a bit too expressive.

    honey,sweetheart,you are mine,I'm yours.I have seen a lot of english movies,and found that sweetheart and honey are the most usual expression.Of course they will add I love you and a kiss.

    Honey, Dear, Sweety, Baby, and there are always others that fit the mood or specific situations for the boy or girl
    you guys forgot "boo."

    usher and alicia keys sing a song about it:

    Hello my love, how was your day at work?
    Honey, you're the love of my life, I will never let you go as long as I live.
    Sweetheart, honeybun, I love you so much.
    My Darling, my heart belongs to you and your heart belongs to me.

    Just use "baby" for everything. It'll do you good!

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