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ahemmmm ahemmm TODAY FEB,9 is my 24th birthday...anyone wanna say something??? hehehe =P

ThAnX B4, MeR6 d'aVaNcE, tErImA KaSiH SebElUmNya, TeSeKkUr eDeRim, SyUkRaN, gRaCiAs, GRaZiE..XIE XIE, ARIGATO gOzAiMaSu...

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    Salang ulang-tahun

    Usually I take a day off of work for your birthday.

    This year, your birthday is on a Sunday.

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday , hope to u to have anice day..
    Happy Birthday! Feliz cumpleanos! Shengri kuaile!
    happy birthday:D 24 goes fast..

    Happy Birthday :)

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