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Could you help with english slang please...?

I'm a french native speaker and I can express myself correctly in English but I'm not at ease with common language, nasty words et so on... Can you learn me?? I could help with your french slang! ;)

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    Well some of this is nasty as in rude, but not going to publicly post anything nasty as in obscene. Slang is also regional this is US English:

    sucks: bad (pretty generic) "You suck"; "I twisted my ankle" "That sucks"
    Jerk: Someone rude, "He's a jerk"
    Shut up: be quiet (rude)
    Bite me: generic taunt. "You suck at this game" "Bite me"
    What the hell: exclamation of shock or confusion. "What the hell..[is that]"; "What the hell are you doing"

    PS "et so on" should be either etc (short for et cetera) or "and so on"

    If you are unsure of the meaning of a slang word in English - then check out: - there are a lot of slang words there with example sentences.
    There is one small problem - the explanations have been uploaded by the sites users - so while most are accurate some are incorrect. To help you with this problem, simply look at a few of the explanations and see which have the same (or very similar) meanings.

    haha i can help. Also, I'm a native english speaker and think that urbandictionary's a terrible way to learn slang lol

    Yes true... I've downloaded this application but I'm not very satisfied of it...
    I mean, most of these words don't seem to be really used daily and what I'm looking for is a common language...
    Anyway many tkanks all for your replies!

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