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我找一个中文名字 Im looking vor a Chinese name

我的中文老师已经给我一个中文名字, 可是我听说了不好听。(是"马兹")。所以我要一个普通中文名字。我觉得"力安"好听。你们呢? 适合不适合?

A chinese teacher of mine gave me this chinese name: 马兹 for Mats, but some Chinese girls told me it doesnt sound good, so I looked it up and its sounds similar to pockmarked and bandit.So I dont want a Chinese name based on the sound of my real name, but a name also a Chinese man would use. So I made up 力安 , but I dont know if its appropriate, or if it sounds good to a chinese listener (or maybe it even sounds like a girl name, who knows?) So please help me. IS this name ok?

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thank you all for your answers now I will have a hard time choosing one ;) My family name will be 魏 btw

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    i will give you a ordinary name as"马良" that every chinese know.

    I have a suggestion that you could name as 马天. Then you could have a surname 马, and given name 天. It sounds a Peking guy's name.

    I have a really nice choice for you--"马骉",the Chinese pronouciation is "Ma Biao", which means many horses race and chase together. And whole name consists of four "马" that happens to hold a same image with an old Chinese saying--"一言既出,驷马难追" which means "a real man never goes back on his words". And the "骉"'s pronounciation alone is a very manly one.

    Hope you like it~

    i think 力安 is a good choice!
    i'm a chinese girl,and i think 力安 sounds great^^
    力means powerful and strong and 安means quiet and restful.Of course it doesnt sound like a girl's's very suitable for u^^


    我觉得 马忒 合适


    "力安" sounds good . and i think "子安" is good either .


    I think "马龙"is well.Because there is a idiom called"龙马精神" in China,which means you are full of beans.Just an advice


    how about the 李安
    it is very common in the chinese listener !
    中国百家姓 李字姓排在第4 而这个李字和力只是声调不一样


    马特..I don't know how do you feel.? wish you will like it.~前面给介绍名字的都很搞笑噢.~哈哈.


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