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How do you say "congratulations" in Russian?

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    nb. поздравляю is a verb. я поздравляю тебя - I congratulate you.
    strictly speaking, congratulations is поздравления - paz-drav-'le-ni-ya (noun in plural)

    you can say "мои поздравления" [mai paz-drav-'le-ni-ya]


    "Прими мои поздравления! " ( PRIMI MOI PO-ZDRAV-LYE-NIYA )
    " Искренне рад за тебя! Поздравляю ! " ( IS-KRYEN-NYE RAD ZA TYE-BYA ! PO-ZDRAV-LYA-YU ! )

    Usually more correct is "Поздравляю" / "Поздравляем" (as verb, for example: "Поздравляем с приобретением") or "Поздравление" / "Поздравления" (as noun).

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