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Easiest way of learning any language is?

For learning: French
Base language: English
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    yo u can learn by talking with ur neighbour or ur friends who knows the language which u r speaking and by practice

    IMMERSION. If you have the chance to go and live in a country where the language you want to learn is spoken.

    If you do not have that chance (which is the case for most of us), read, listen and speak as much as you can the language.

    "Saling makes the sailor"

    It's up to the learner. For example, if you have enough money, a linguistic journey will be very good. But, if you have limited time and money, you can count more on your own, than on a regular class or course. The equation is “The more you have money, the less you count on yourself". It’s not a rule, but kinda true for many cases I saw before. But, keep in mind that no one will do this for you, so a strong will is your capital in such business.

    If you want you can.
    HI to learn any language, the most important thing is practicing that language, because practice is the only way to get a flluent language talking system ! and i have to say also that if u love that language and u want really to learn it ! u can do it cause loving something create some great wish and hope to do it !! good luck

    hi ,
    just love the language that u want to learn , then u will do any thing to improve it ,
    good luck

    Study daily without stopping til you see the results.

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