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people's eyelid jump continually, what does it imply to?

In China, your left eyelid jump implies to there will be good luck for you, for your right eyelid, maybe there will be bad things coming. In your country, are there any mentions about eyelid jumping?

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    If a person's eyelid twitches continuously, what does it imply?
    In China we say that if your left eyelid twitches it means that good luck may be coming your way. If your your right eyelid twitches then it means bad luck is coming your way. Are there any such superstitions in your coutnry about twitching eyelids?

    No, not in England, not that I'm aware of anyway.

    When your eyelids jump you're either:

    1) Crazy
    2) Epileptic
    3) Crazy
    4) Having a muscle spasm
    5) Drug Addict


    6) Joking around with friends.
    7) Flirting with someone very badly.


    A sign of nervousness, see a doctor.

    It's a nervous tic caused by stress.
    In China, people believes that if it is the right eye, it means bad luck. If it is the left eye, it means good luck. So all depends. Maybe don't worry about it. Things come and go all the time.


    In my experience, it does mean something especially about money will happen to you.

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