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I want to read some good English articles, could you give me some usefel websites for learning?

I want to improve my reading ability, and now I am looking for some good English websites for good quality articles
Could you recommend me some useful websites or good articles for learning?
Thanks and best regards
Miss Chris Qi

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I am intersted in different cultures and fashion dressing style, thanks

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    If you're interested in fashion and style, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a great website called She produces well thought out articles on fashion, beauty, philosophy, and overall well-being. She also does commentary on books and recommends different things. She's one of my favorite actresses. I think she's very interesting.

    The Daily Candy also has great fashion tips and articles. It's also a marketing/public relations website, so many of the articles are selling a product. It's still a fun website to browse.

    it depends on what you are interested in.....If in sports.... try if in business.... try in nature.......try

    the news is always good; it's helpful to be up-to-date on the world, so you have topics to chat with your italki friends about, eh? there's always the latest celebrity gossip and sometimes interesting fashions.

    Hello Chris,
    It seems that your English is already at an advanced level ,so I will suggest you the following link that includes reading comprehension for intermediate and advanced levels inclusive some key vocabulary and multiple choice quizzes.That could help you acquire some new vocabulary and test your comprehension ability :

    The following includes some culture and fashion articles with a dictionary look up; you just need to double-click any word to find its definition:

    More fashion and style articles :

    Articles about different cultures : ( you might find here some interesting articles about different cultures and their heritages).

    Enjoy your time ;)

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