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How do you say, "I love him with all my heart" in Tagalog???

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Out of those two answers so far....which one should I believe. I've been tricked into saying something nasty before hahaha!

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    Minamahal ko siya ng buong puso ko

    "Taos puso ko siya na iniibig!"

    buong puso ko siyang minamahal


    don't be so confuse it is somewhat the same in english language that words which is rough should be transfer into smooth one, and that's what we called "EUPHIMISM" so either of the three answers are correct its also the same.

    i agree to their answer because i am a native speaker of Filipino language^.^
    have fun to discover some Filipino words: they said that "its very nice to hear the word I LOVE YOU in filipino language like to say it as if that your heart tells you directly and very striking! welcome in Learning our language!
    If you are about to say this to him/her you should use:

    "Minamahal kita ng buong puso ko."

    (this can be used to a guy or a girl because "kita" is a general term that means "you". There is no tagalog term for him or her)

    but if you are to say this statement use the following:

    "Minamahal ko siya ng buong puso ko."
    "Iniibig ko siya ng buong puso ko."
    "Buong puso ko siyang minamahal."
    "Buong puso ko siyang iniibig."

    *NOTE: The four sentences above have the same meaning.*

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