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how is the cost of living in korea?

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how much do you pay for the rent... coz i'm planning to go there and i don't have family in korea... renting is my only option...

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    as far as i know Seoul is one of the three more expensive cities in the world.
    why so obsessed with korea?

    Where you want to live in one of South Korea? The cost of living is diffrent for each city.
    If you can speak Korean, see the following sites.

    I'm writing here some goods and the prices.

    $5.0~ (in US dollor)
    -Food made from rice like fried rice or rice omelet.
    -Starbucks coffee
    -McDonald's lunch set
    -Bus, Subway
    (but if you use a traffic card, it becomes cheaper)
    -Movie ticket

    Could be different depending on area.

    You can see the house rent (for foriegners) ;
    http://www. bestreco. com/eng/main_home. asp

    If you go to Seoul of Korea then you must have a lot of money for living.
    but other provinces are not expensive for living.

    The livng necessaries are not expensive. but It will be so hard to find out cheap house.

    In Seoul :
    (Per month, US$)

    Officetel - $476~$762
    Studio apartment - $191~$318

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