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how do you say in chinese "nice to meet you"?

how do you say in chinese, "nice to meet you"?

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    "很高兴认识你" would be the direct translation and also a quite common usage in Chinese. Notice this is only used when meet someone at the first time.

    If you are talking to someone you already know, (e.g. Nice to meet you again, Ben!) you would probably say "很高兴见到你" or "幸会" (the latter is less used and a very formal expression)

    Salut Lily,

    Renshi ni hen gaoxin 认识你很高兴 or hen gaoxin renshi ni
    which means literally "knowing you or getting to know you makes me very happy ( glad or content)". It is equivalent to "nice to meet you" in English when meeting someone for the first time.

    wo hen gaoxin gen ni jianmian 我很高兴根跟你见面
    which means literally " I am very glad to meet with you ( meet you ) .

    xinghui 幸会 which means literally "lucky or fortunate union or encounter".

    见到你很高兴~nice to meet you ,nice to see you ~



    the direct meaning is 见到你很高兴 or 很高兴见到你, but, in my opinion,it's not the habit to say that when 2 Chinese people meet , a little strange, it's just the english habit...



    Mike 初次见面,请多关照。


    it's a less used expression.normaly when meeting someone we say 你好。

    or 嘿嘿,最近朗戈样?
    or 看到你我嘿高兴


    “见到你很高兴=很高兴见到你=见到你太好了”是 nice to meet you的直译

    nice to meet you的语境可以用于首次见面,也可以用于熟悉的人碰面,我觉得两句翻译都可以,看是什么样的环境

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