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what's hard in arabic?


if you learn arabic,what is a harder thing in this langauge?i need know please,and how you wante learn arabic

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i ask this question ,i'm arabic girl and i i wante know what's your needs to learn arabic cause i will make videos for learning

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    I'm a naive speaker of Arabic.Acually,any language can be hard if you don' practice it.Many hundred years ago,Arabic scienists put a system called (tash'keel:ACCENTS) to falicitate its reading.wITHOUT THESE SMALL MARKS incised above the letters YOU WILL PRONOUNCE the letters wrongly.According to Grammar,almost no body now knows its rules except Arabic professors,religious people and few persons in the mid east.Nobody now speaks Formal Arabic.It's divided into dialects in the different Arabic countries.My Egyptian accent is different from Saudian etc.these dialects or accents are so much easier ,you can speak it or read it easily without any difficulty.Even I can learn you on of them (Egyptian dialect) !!!
    I know Arabic letters but cant understand the meaning of words.I'm planning to learn Arabic to understand Quran better in its original language but it seems that Grammer and Pronouncation are a bit problematic for foreigners.

    sorry for the late eply ur question
    actually study arabic not to be like so harder lol...
    but me it's a bit difficult how to know that's means...
    but i can read arabic word...
    just don't know about their translation
    Just its writing system is not easy I don't speak about grammar. But if you want you will master.

    I can read Arabic fluently, and i also know the meaning of many words, but i could not combine these words to make sentence. Secondly i want to learn Arabic because i want to understand Holy Quran deeply.

    i am a native arabic speaker....the hardest of all i think is grammar "nahw"..I used to struggle a lot with it because i learned arabic later on in my life....

    I think the most productive and effective help could be:

    1) special expressions in modern standard Arabic;

    2) basics of the Egyptian dialect for those who have some basic knowledge of the standard language.

    Thank you.

    Alphabet is the first obstacle and maybee the biggest one. I'm still not able to read, although I understand some arabic already and even can say something.
    I think the Quranic language is a big challenge, as it is different from the dialects, which you can learn relatively quickly. If I can read and understand the Quran one day, it will be really extraordinary.

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