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I would like to learn more Portuguese. Can anyone help?

I've lived in Portugal for a while, and I can speak Portuguese to some extent, but I get insanely shy when I speak in front of other Portuguese people, worrying that I'm going to use the wrong verb or that my accent is incorrect, etc. so if anyone would like to help me become more confident about my Portuguese, that would be great! :)

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    Hello girl, i am a brazilian guy and my first language is portuguese. i wanna learn english and russian. may we improves ours languages each other? thx
    my email
    add me
    kiss and hugs
    Hi, I would like help you,
    So, how many do you know about portuguese?
    Hi Azura!
    How are you?
    I'm from Brazil! My native language is Portuguese from Brazil. If you think that I may be helpfull for you, add me as your friend.
    My e-mail is
    I have a lot of experience on teaching Portuguese to foreigner!

    Hello, Azura! I'm brazilian and I can teach you. My Skipe is Marcelo Amaro and my e-mail is Kisses.

    Hello Azura!

    I am Portuguese and I would be pleased to help you. I understand perfectly well your problem, because I too have that kind of worries when speaking to others in foreign languages (which I'm trying to change everyday). Feel free to add me to your network anytime.

    All the best

    I can help you too...

    my msn is


    See ya!

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