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What is the best way to learn a language?

Especially, when you don't have someone to converse in the same language? ( in my case, it's arabic)

For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
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    It is good to vary the methods and ways applied in learning a language for rendering the process more fun and less tedious. It is important to complement the theoretical learning of grammatical rules , pronunciation and sentence structure with the applicable practice of listening ,reading and speaking the language. As a result all skills of speech ,writing and listening will improve simultaneously.
    Concentration makes learning more effective . Genuine dedication and enough motivation would guarantee a continuous and efficient process of learning.
    I like reading. I start with simple pharses then time after time with more difficult textes.
    For me it's to make translations - you'll think about structures and learn new words. Take a book for self study and do it. It helped me.

    there are differen ways to larn a language yourself .reading and translation are good methods, but you have to choose which book you need to can also watch videos with scripts,you can listen to Arabic songs while you are reading its lyrics(it depends on which dialect you desire to learn) ,.Anyway,you can't learn a languag completely without a teacher and a certified method.It's necessary....Good luck

    I'm not sure of the best way, but if you listen to music in that language and get used to the sounds of the songs, and memorize them, and then read the translation the lyrics sink in.

    i'm totally serious. best way to learn a different language of yours is to have a couple (boyfriend, husband,etc) who is native to this language. But it is not a perfect method: problems: if you like him very much probably language passes to a second term. second: if you want learn different languages it is a bit complicated or even unadvisable to have many partners or change them from time to time. so, the best thing is to choose a language and then a husband or viceversa. truly, believe me, normally you learn a lot in these domestic discussions, when a bit angry in which everyone turns to its own language. by the way, may i ask what's the difference you are born for?
    Staying for a while in the Countries and territories where it is spoken natively by a significant population is the best way to learn and practice the language you want to learn.If you don't have such an option, try other ways mentioned above.
    i guess the best way to learn any language to connect with others whom know this language very well and should be native speakers
    to tell us about our mistakes and the right way to talk this language very well :)

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